La Cantera Resort Resort resorts reopen after being evacuated due to Hurricane Maria

La Canteras Resort resorts in Puerto Rico have reopened after being inundated by Hurricane Maria and its aftermath.

Officials at La Cantersa Resort in Puerto Vallarta announced Tuesday that all employees had been accounted for.

The resort’s owners said all rooms had been cleaned and guests could return to the hotel by Wednesday.

They said there were no immediate plans to reopen.

The Las Vegas resort in Nevada also reopened on Monday after an evacuation order was lifted.

President Donald Trump said he had ordered a full-scale evacuation of the U.S. territory, citing the threat of a catastrophic storm.

“The President is committed to getting everyone safely out of Puerto Rico, but at the same time he will not stop at the mainland,” Trump said.

“We must also protect the safety of our people, our businesses and our American families.

The President will continue to urge all the nations of the world to help.”

In Miami, officials said the city had opened the airport to the public and said it was preparing for a “full-scale” evacuation.

In Houston, the city’s mayor said the airport reopened Tuesday after a temporary evacuation order had been lifted.

“We’re just opening the airport today, and we’re going to open it to everyone tomorrow,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

“There’s going to be a lot of people coming in, and so we’re just trying to make sure everyone gets the best possible access to the airport.”

In San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the mayor’s office was working to ensure the city was ready to handle an evacuation as a result of Hurricane Maria.

The mayor’s press secretary said the San Diego airport is open to everyone, including commercial flights and other flights.

In the Los Angeles area, the mayor said it is “time to get moving and start preparing for the inevitable,” including providing the best safety practices for evacuees.

“I can tell you the people in the region are in good hands,” the mayor told reporters.

“They’ve got the resources, they’ve got training, they have resources to get through this storm.”

The White House on Tuesday urged states to immediately begin preparing for Hurricane Maria’s landfall.

The White to White Coalition said it has received hundreds of requests for disaster relief from local governments.

The group is urging communities to mobilize resources and begin building and protecting storm shelters.

In New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu told reporters the city would start receiving hurricane-related requests this week, including food, water and medical care.

“As you know, the National Guard will be deployed to New Orleans starting tomorrow to provide emergency assistance to the people of New Orleans,” Landrieus said.

He said that the city has about 60,000 employees.