Which ski resorts will be closed in February?

The number of resorts that will be impacted by the snowstorm is expected to be greater than in previous years, as the season is often a slow one, according to an analysis by the National Ski Areas Association.

The association’s winter forecast released last week noted that most resorts could have limited access to snow in the second half of February.

For some, the number of resort closures could reach as high as 100 percent.

But in the end, the winter storm won’t be as big a deal as the previous snowstorm in 2011 that hit the Northeast in February.

The winter storm that killed three people and forced the closure of hundreds of resorts around the country was so large that the National Weather Service put a time limit on the snowstorms in the Northeast.

This year’s snowstorm will be bigger, and the storm could be a bigger, bigger deal than last year’s winter storm, the association said.

While there are more snow storms in March and April, that will only be a matter of time, according the association.

“It’s still too early to tell,” said David Poulson, an expert on the climate at Columbia University in New York.

“It’s not like we’re seeing snow in May or June.”

In the past, snowstorms have had a much bigger impact on ski areas than the snowfall in February, according a study from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

But last winter, a combination of poor conditions and the snow storm in early March also affected the ski industry in the Northwest.

The study found that ski resorts had fewer people and businesses than in past years.

That is because of warmer weather and a warmer winter, the study found.

Last winter’s snow storm also affected snowmobile season.

The association said it is unclear how many snowmobiles would be left in the ski season if the snow storms are allowed to continue.