How to celebrate the New Year with your friends at a sand pearl resort

A sand pearls resort in Wisconsin will be hosting its annual New Year’s Eve party, featuring the New Years Eve theme.

The Rockaway Beach Resort in Wisconsin is hosting the party on February 27 and the guests are invited to join in.

The resort, which is in the town of Rockaway, has had an annual New Years’ Eve party since 2007.

This year, the resort has taken on a more festive spirit.

The theme is “New Year’s in the Sand”, and the theme will be presented by a local band, a DJ and a live band.

The theme is inspired by the New York City boroughs surrounding the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

The town of about 10,000 is known for its sandy beaches and beachfronts and it is home to several restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Rockaway Beach is part of a sand dunes and sand bar called The Sand Bar.

The Sand Bar, which opened in 2009, is a popular spot for locals to go for a swim and enjoy a cocktail.