When Disney Springs is coming to a town, the best thing to do is to make sure the residents love you

Palm Springs, California (Engadget) In Palm Springs?

It’s like Disneyland but better.

There are a few major differences, of course.

Palm Springs has more shops than Disneyland and it’s a bit smaller.

But it also has some of the nicest residents you can find anywhere in the world.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed the new Disney Springs Resort.

I didn’t come here with my family, but my husband and I have been a regular for at least five years now, and we’ve only come to Palm Springs once before.

The best part of Disney Springs was being able to visit all of its parks and resorts in one trip, from the beach to the ocean.

The most fun we’ve had at Disney Springs has been during my husband’s stay in Orlando, Florida.

I spent five days in Florida during the summer months with him and his family.

We loved our time there and were lucky to be able to stay with them.

When I arrived in Palm Springs in January 2017, there were two hotels in town and two other hotels in Florida, so it was pretty busy.

But my family and I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Palm Beach.

It was a good hotel, with the best views of the bay and beautiful ocean views.

We also enjoyed a great dinner and a fun evening out at the Palm Beach Golf Club, where we were able to play a round of golf and catch up with some friends.

Disney Springs resort area Palm Springs resort is about a 30-minute drive from Palm Beach, Florida, and about three hours from Orlando, which is about one hour away.

The resort is just under a mile long.

It is one of the largest in the country and includes an infinity pool, an infinity ride, a beach house, and two restaurants.

There is also a shopping center and a shopping mall.

The area is filled with restaurants and bars.

The hotel is located on a major thoroughfare with many parking lots and residential areas.

There were plenty of restaurants to choose from, and you can rent or buy a car.

There was a lot of fun and lots of fun to do, too.

There’s even a new bar, The Magic Tree, where you can grab a drink, or you can just chill out in one of those fancy, oversized chairs.

There will be a lot to do when you get to the resort.

You can spend the night in the resort’s hotel room, which includes a double bed with a twin mattress and a queen-sized bed.

The room also includes a balcony with a bar.

You also have a great view of the entire resort, so there is no better way to see the Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios than to stay in a hotel room.

The pool, which has a 50-foot pool and a 60-foot water slide, is also great for people who are just looking for a break from the sun and are also looking for something to do during the day.

The food is also good.

We went with the steakhouse steakhouse, and it was so tasty.

There also was a variety of other places you could eat, such as The Pizzeria, which had a pizza place, a pasta place, and a seafood restaurant.

We had a good time.

There had a lot going on in Palm St. Springs when I arrived.

We were able not only to have fun, but to also enjoy a good meal and a night out at Disney’s parks and hotels.

There aren’t too many hotels in Palm and the hotel area is really small, so you’ll need to book ahead.

We found a hotel that had a great breakfast and dinner, so we ended up staying at a local hotel and it turned out to be a great value.

The golf course is really, really popular.

It has a number of courses and it has a lot more golf courses than you’d find at a typical resort.

The course is located near a lot that is used for a variety, from restaurants to golf courses.

You have the opportunity to get out and walk around the course and see how it’s run.

There has also been a few weddings in the area and Disney Springs isn’t too far away from a lot where you could do your own wedding.

There isn’t a lot in town that is as nice or as fun as Disney Springs.

I can’t speak for the resort, but I can speak for Palm Springs.

When you’re visiting, you’ll want to plan to stay at the best hotel possible.

If you’re in Palm Spring, you’re going to want to book in advance.

You’ll want a room that’s going to be right up front, but if you’re really wanting to go, the hotel may be right next door to another resort.

It’s not a bad idea to book before you get there.