The Wintergreen resort is going to have its own theme park

BARRADO, Barbados – A wintergreen is being built on a reclaimed site on the outskirts of the city of Barbados, which is hoping to lure visitors to the resort from its traditional fishing- and tourist-centric landscape.

Barbados Resort will be the first resort in the Caribbean to be built on reclaimed land in the south-eastern corner of the island, and the first in the Americas, said Barbados Tourism Minister Adrian G. Branson.

“I believe the tourism of Barbados has been a real boost to the economy,” he told reporters.

“Barbadans have been on the island for generations and it is a fantastic time to come and visit.”

Barbadas has been known as a “tourist haven” for the last two decades, but tourism fell by almost half in the second quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2016.

Tourism, tourism, tourism: that is what it’s been called for decades.

But the government has been keen to revitalise tourism, which has suffered in the wake of Hurricane Irma and Tropical Storm Isaac.

The resort will be built in partnership with the Tourism Infrastructure Fund, the Government’s own tourism development agency.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Barbados is planning to build a resort, hotel, villa and leisure centre on reclaimed farmland near the village of Almagro.

“There’s a lot of land around Almagros that’s been abandoned, but there is still some unused land that is available for future development,” said Branson, whose department has been working with the island’s farming community to secure land for the resort.

“The island of Barbuda has a population of just over 600,000, and they’ve been there for many generations.”

So we are hopeful to attract more visitors and more tourism.

“Barbadian Tourism Minister Ian Ritchie said the resort will offer a “sustainable and culturally appropriate” environment for visitors to enjoy.”

We’re seeing that the Barbadian tourism industry has been hit hard by hurricanes, so the idea of a resort that’s not going to cause the same kind of damage as other places, where they’re still on the mainland, is very appealing,” he said.”

It’s going to be an interesting place to visit.

“Branson said the island will not have a permanent hotel and it will not offer “the kind of luxury that you might expect in the United States”.”

The Barbadian Government will not be putting up a huge amount of money for the construction of a hotel, and we won’t be putting any money into it.

It will be an affordable and sustainable place,” he added.”

Tourism is a big business here, and I hope that it can bring more jobs to the area, which means that more Barbadians can live in the resort.

“The resort is expected be completed in 2019.