Costa Rica to hike up toll from 4 to 6 on roads

SANIZACO, Costa Rica — Costa Rica will hike the toll from four to six on major roads from March 1, the country’s transportation minister said Wednesday.

The government is taking the first step toward implementing a new toll, as it seeks to reduce congestion and improve the quality of life for drivers on busy highways and other congested areas.

Costa Rica’s toll on major highways has been rising to 5 per cent of total traffic, the highest in Latin America, with the average toll at 12.5 per cent.

The government wants to double that to 12 per cent by 2019.

Costarrios highways are heavily used by tourists, which can add an additional cost to those who travel to the island nation.

The new toll will be levied at the entrance to tourist resorts and bypasses, and tolls on public transportation will also be increased.

Toll rates will vary by destination.

Costarentines roads are among the worst in Latin American, with high speeds and a lack of parking, and roads are often poorly maintained.

The country has also been criticized for being slow to respond to accidents.