Camelback resort in Oman banned after animal cruelty allegations

A camelback resort on Oman’s eastern coast has been banned from using its name after animal rights activists raised concerns.

The animal rights group Arabian Centre for Animals (ACAA) said in a statement that the resort’s name was being used by the owners to hide the fact that they have not met with a proper animal welfare programme.

“We have been in contact with the owner, which is responsible for the camelback, and the owners have confirmed that they will not use the name Camelback Resort,” said ACAA chairman and chief executive Hamid Dababab, adding that the owner was in contact on Monday with the ACAA and the local authorities.

“The owners are aware that the name of the resort has been used by some individuals to cover up the fact they are not meeting the required animal welfare programmes,” he added.

In February, the government banned the use of the name “Camelback” in the coastal city of Kedah.

ACAA said it was “appalled” by the ban and that it had raised concerns with the authorities.

In June, a video was posted on YouTube showing a camel being tortured and killed by a man who said he was “happy to pay for the pain”.

The animal’s body was then tied up and left to rot in the desert.

The resort has since been put on a list of banned animal operations and is not allowed to reopen.