Bora Bora resorts in Texas closed due to health threat

Posted September 16, 2018 04:30:31Bora Bora Resort and Spa in Texas has closed because of health threats, according to the resort’s website.

The resort has been in operation since June and was owned by the resort chain, Rolanda Entertainment.

BoraBora’s website says the resort has had “serious health issues and has been closed for the last two weeks due to the threat of the coronavirus.”

The resort was the first in the world to have its operating hours reduced due to a coronaviruses pandemic.

The company announced the closure of the resort on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the resort confirmed the closure to ABC News, saying it was “a precautionary measure.”

Bora Bora also announced that the company is working with the Texas Health Department to ensure that the facility is safe.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the resort will reopen on Sept. 19.

Rolanda, the company that owns Bora Bora, said in a statement that the closure “is not an attempt at any political agenda or anything like that.

We are just doing our utmost to provide our guests with the best possible experience.”