A bill to allow concealed carry in Utah could be signed into law by Gov. Gary Herbert

By Matt Lauer and Tom RinaldiUtah’s Republican Gov.

Jason Chaffetz said Wednesday that he has a measure that would allow concealed weapons at the state’s national parks.

Chaffetz signed into a bill a bill that would give state residents who have completed an honorable discharge or court martial, who have a current concealed carry permit, who are not currently employed by the state, and who are exempt from being disqualified under federal law, the right to carry a firearm in their state park.

The bill would also allow concealed gun carriers to carry concealed guns into Utah’s national forest, the Salt Lake City National Monument, the Bryce Canyon National Park and the Whitefish Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Chaffetz told reporters in a statement.

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Outdoor Retailer Inc., the nation’s largest outdoor retailer, announced in May that it would expand to Utah, adding more than 2,000 stores in the state and setting up a new location in the city.