Why you need to know how to get to your favorite blue Harbor resort

Travel experts are warning that Blue Harbor, a popular resort in southern Florida, may be a magnet for criminals.

While there’s not much we know about the resort, it appears to be popular with travelers looking to vacation in its hot waters, according to security video footage released to National Geographic.

The resort’s owner, Robert J. Brown, said the video shows four people with guns on a balcony at the resort in May.

Brown says one of the people was in a car with a woman when the shooting happened, and the other two were outside the resort.

“This is a beautiful, quiet, pristine resort,” Brown said.

“It’s the safest resort in the country.

We’ve had zero incidents.

We have a very high level of security.”

In the video, Brown said the four people are “the most dangerous person we’ve ever had to deal with.”

Brown said the resort is not known for its gun laws.

He says the resort has posted signs that warn guests that guns are prohibited at the property, and it’s unclear whether those signs are enforced.

“I have never been in a situation where there was a threat of any type of weapon,” Brown told The Associated Press in an interview.

Brown said he’s contacted the FBI and Homeland Security for assistance in identifying the four suspects.