How to avoid the Boyne Mountain hotel fire

A wildfire raging near the Boynes mountain resort near Durban has forced some of the city’s hotels to close.

The fire has now burned through the city of more than 200,000, causing extensive damage.

Fire officials have said that they do not expect any casualties.

The blaze broke out in the village of Bala, just north of Durban’s capital.

The village was in the area that was home to a popular music festival.

The incident comes as South African Tourism Minister Paul Masuthi visited the area on Thursday.

“We have no information that there are any casualties, but we are doing our utmost to keep them safe,” Masuthis spokesperson Zuzana Dabeka said.

The town is located just two kilometres from the Bala International Airport.

The resort, which has a capacity of more 100,000 people, is a popular tourist destination and a popular place for outdoor recreation.

There have been reports of people trapped in the rubble of buildings and on the ground and of people fleeing the fire.

Police said there was no indication of any injuries.

More than 2,000 firefighters have been working to fight the blaze.