Vermont ski resort says it won’t close because of new COVID-19 measures


— Vermont Ski Resort said Monday it will close all its resorts, including Vermont and its other resorts in the Colorado Plateau and San Luis Obispo Counties, because of the outbreak.

The resort said it expects to reopen the resorts in June.

Vermont Resort in Colorado Springs has been closed since February, when the virus hit the resort.

Vermont closed its ski area and all ski-equipped accommodations last week.

The resort’s main resort, The Vermont, was closed Monday for the next three weeks to make room for new equipment.

The rest of the resorts will remain closed.

The Vermont Resort Association said in a statement that it was committed to protecting the health and well-being of our guests, employees, and residents.

Vermont Resort Association Executive Director Kevin Matson said Monday that the resort was working with state and local health officials to assess the risks of the virus.

Matson said he expected the resort would reopen in June, but said the decision was dependent on testing.

“I don’t know what the actual date will be,” he said.

“We will see.

The timeline has to be looked at.

We are working on the details, and we’ll be able to answer the questions that come up as we get closer to the time of the announcement.”

The Vermont resort is one of two ski resorts in Colorado that is closing because of COVID.

The other is the Rocky Mountain Snowboarders Association’s Lodge No. 1 in Boulder.

The ski area’s other ski resort, Mount Hood, closed Sunday after more than 30 people tested positive for COVID, including 11 that were taken to the hospital.

The other ski area in Colorado, the San Juan Mountain, closed last week after more people tested negative.